The world has created different classes of people called social stratification. This has brought in a lot of good and bad things into reality.

Social stratification has brought in power and authority and people have used this to their own advantage.

One thing that social stratification lacks is compassion. People think having compassion makes you less of a person. But i stand to correct such people that compassion makes you humble, selfless, empathetic, meek. Having those values makes you a better person.

Everybody wants to leave a legacy behind when they are gone. They want to have their influence on the world.

But if you want to have an influence lasts longer and leaves an impact on the world, compassion is the key.

When someone is in need and you have the means of helping, do not withhold. When someone is in need if encouragment and support, make sure you help.

Compassion makes you have an impact on someone’s heart.

Let us all try to be compassionate

Have a nice day you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and let’s enjoy some quotes.

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