Let’s talk about me/ vacation

Hey friends i know talking about vacation is a little bit off my niche but, i just wanted to take things up a notch.

So, i want to introduce myself a little bit. My name is anne. i am live in Nigeria. I am a Blogger. I blog about faith, relationships, money, love πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡, the emotional state of mind, business.

You can also call me a therapist. I like it when people talk to me about what they are going through. I don’t discriminate. I am not perfect, i make mistakes sometimes. I love to help people a lot. I also love to tell stories once in a while. 😊😊😊

I am an Entrepreneur. I own my clothing line. My clothing line signifies strength, positivity, prowess, value, beauty and freedom. You can check it out on Instagram @momentswithannetshirtstoret.

I am also a youtuber. On my youtube channel, i discuss about relationships, money, business, love, how the mind works, faith, i tell stories once in a while.

Please subscribe to my channel and join the family. Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_rTmRDelNVrXeFwSt2ufGA

I am an activist. I fight against extreme poverty, rape and domestic violence, injustice, gender inequality all over the world and not just for my country.

My hobbies are traveling, reading, watching movies, talking to people.

So, let’s get into the real deal!!!

let’s talk about vacation.

Traveling is one of the things i love to do. I travel every year during summer. The chances of it happening this year is very slim due to the current condition of the world.

Taking vacation is a very important thing to do as a person. we all work hard so as to provide for our families. It’s very important.

But it is also important to note that taking some time off work to rest is also important.

During my vacation in summer, i use that period to plan for the remaining part of the year and the beginning of the next year. Planning is very important as time does not wait for anyone. We all have to think about the future and put our thinking into action.

I’m sure you might say, ‘i don’t have money to travel around the world’.

Don’t worry i understand. Taking vacations does not necessarily mean you should travel.

Taking vacations means taking time off work and problems of the world to think and plan for the future.

During this harsh period that is keeping us isolated, i employ everyone to take time to relax, think, plan, steer your minds and also make sure you stay safe.

May God keep us all.

P.s if you have any topic you want me to talk about, don’t be shy to send an email to Forcoloured@outlook.com and i started a relationship series on my youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share. Join the family!!!

You can send me an email @ Forcoloured@outlook.com, if you want to talk.

Have a nice week ahead. ❀️❀️❀️❀️

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