So, there is this devotional i am using, open heavens. The devotional talked about, the end of a journey.

It said how your journey ends is very important. For example, i want to inspire people to be better versions of themselves through my challenges as a person. I have gone through a lot as a person and i want to use my story to inspire people. There are certain things i must do to reach that goal. Or you want to be a billionaire on the forbes list. Being a billionaire takes a lot of willpower. For example, investing your money in the right places, creating new ideas for your business, saving your money are one of the many rules to becoming a billionaire.

It’s not just being a billionaire that matters, but how many lives you touch or inspire is what matters.

Being a doctor or a nurse is not just an ordinary job. How your attitude affects your colleagues or patients are the most important things.

Being a politician is not just about looting money but using that money to better the lives of citizens is what’s important.

This post was inspired by kobe bryant.

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