My journey to being an inspirational blogger

My journey started when i entered high school. Due to my leg injury, i was bullied a lot. I was always sad and i cried a lot. But i survived.
Then moving on to college. In my first year, my grades were fantastic. But as i kept moving to the next level, i realized my grades were dropping. I worked twice as hard as i did before but there was no change. Apparently, i did not graduate with the result i wanted. I was sad and depressed. But little did i not know that the cause of me not graduating with my desired result was not that i was not reading but it was due to my health challenge i did not know about until after my convocation from college. Thank God for my mum who supported me and encouraged me. Now, things are fantastic for me.
I use my challenges and my journey to tell others who are going through what I went through that every thing will be fine.

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