There are times when i feel alone and i need someone to talk to and basically there is no one around.

There is that one special friend of mine that likes to listens to me when i am crying, laughing, sad, angry or saying jokes. Even, when I want something he gives me. He knows my likes and dislikes. He makes me want to be myself. He knows i am very naughty, unserious, and likes to joke around.

His love for me makes me want to do what he wants and what he likes. Though, i am not perfect, he still loves me the way i am.

Still want to know more about my friend, follow IG:@anneanabui

2 thoughts on “TALKING TO MY FRIEND ❤️❤️❤️

  1. Thanks for trying to inspire, yes I owe money and all that shit. Things are not getting better either someone hurt my grandson and also my daughter was assaulted and is at the hospital right now. I’m deleting that evil app Quora. I know I got in trouble on my own being too nice and trusting the wrong people who helped take advantage of me. I’ve always been here for my kids and that’s how it will stay. Probably give up my house too.


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