Hey friends!!!!!

So, i decided to tell my story of when i was bullied some years back when i was 9. So, at that time i had a cast on my leg due to a fall. That year was hell for me because my schoolmates laughed at me because of the cast on my leg. I was down and depressed and there was so much pain from my leg. Sometimes, i didn’t feel like going to school. But, i had my mum who was a huge support. She lifted my spirit.

When you are bullied, there is always that one person that would be a huge support in your life. Sometimes, the people you call your friends would act as your bullies. It’s important that you choose your friends wisely, so that when you are down they are always there to lift your spirit.

It’s not good to bully. Someone once told me that those who bully are jealous of those they bully. It makes sense.

Karma can be a bitch sometimes. The bully can become the bullied.

We should learn to show love.

Thanks for reading my story!!!!❤️❤️

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