Sometimes, there are things that are bad and that is what your mind tells you to do. When you follow your mind, it puts you into trouble. That’s why they always say, “dont follow your mind, follow your heart”.

It is important we discipline ourselves. Discipline is required for excellence and success.

Discipline is putting our body, soul and spirit under subjection. It is basically controlling or abstaining from things that are bad for our success in order to reach our goal.

This brings me to this; “is sex important in dating?”.

When you meet someone that you like and you fall in love with him or her. There is every tendency to want to show that love. That is how our bodies work. Our bodies are made to think like that.

But have you considered the fact, “what happens when you allow your bodies think for you?”.

Different things can happen like unwanted pregnancy, diseases contacted, disruption of a bright future, all your dreams and goals are shattered.

Everything thing we do both good and bad have either good consequences or bad consequences. Which is why it is so important that before you take any step or make any decision, you must think about that decision you are about to take whether it will make or break your future.


Make wise decisions today!!