“TIMING” ⏱️⏱️⏱️

Timing is important in all of our decisions as human beings. Everyone wants to be successful but there are certain steps one needs to take in order to be successful. The road to success is always long. Like the saying, “There is no shortcut to success”. You have to work hard to be successful.

There is time to laugh, there is also a time to be serious. Everything can’t happen for you at the snap of your fingers. You have to put things together to make it work.

Sometimes, you feel like, “why is it that things aren’t working out for me at this moment. My friends are making millions but i am still struggling. I have tried everything to make my millions but things aren’t just cutting it out for me”. Don’t give up!. It just shows it’s not yet your turn. Just be happy for your friends. The more happiness, the more your turn will come.

God makes things beautiful in his time. There is a season for your greatness when the world will know you and your work. Patience and prayer is required to get to that season of greatness. All you have to do is work hard, pray, be patient and be happy.

For more enlightenment, Read Ecclesiastics 3:1-12.

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