“FEAR” 😱

Sometimes, we are afraid to take steps in our lives because we think that we could make mistakes. Sometimes, one is afraid to love because you have been hurt before so many times that you can’t count. Letting go of the past ain’t easy.

Sometimes i put on a hard face because i don’t want to be hurt again. I put on a hard face just to protect myself. Human beings will always be human beings. You need to be happy. Find your happy place. I have found my happy place.

Sometimes, when i enter into a new phase of my life, it’s scary. I start feeling anxious of whether i am going to excel at this stage. To tell you the truth, life has it’s ups and downs. Life will not always be sweet but for it to be sweet and easy, you need to connect to your creator. He knows how to make your life sweet. You also need to be hardworking and be smart at your work.

God+hardwork+smartwork= sweet life. 😁

You don’t need to allow fear take a hold on you. Fear can ruin someone’s life. It can cause panic attacks, depression, stress, anxiety disorder, e.t.c.

“Don’t be anxious about tomorrow, What you will eat, wear, drink, and do. Even the birds of the air do not have a place to lay their heads”.

If you are facing troubles about your job, children, food, shelter, if you are anxious about tomorrow , just speak to God, tell him what is bothering your mind. He will tell you what to do.

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