Hey friends!

I’m sure you are wondering why i am talking about this topic, “GUARDIAN ANGELS”. some weeks ago, I was reading an inspirational book and they talked about believers having guardian angels.

Have you wondered sometimes when you walk alone at night. In your mind, you know if you walk alone in the dead night, something bad might happen to you but because of an emergency, you have to walk in the dead of the night.

Then, you get to your destination unharmed and ok. Do you wonder why that happens?.

It’s because you have guardian angels. Two angels have been assigned to a believer, as a source of protection from bad happenings in life.

There have been situations where you might have experienced an accident but you came out with no bruises or damage. It was your guardian angels that came in to protect you. God sent them to protect you 24/7.

Sometimes, i would have things to do that would require me to get up so early when its still dark and quiet on the streets. As a girl, i would feel so scared. But i would tell God to send my guardian angels to protect me as i walk on the dark streets. At the end of the prayer, i have peace in my mind because i know my guardian angels are there to protect me.

There are people in the bible that had guardian angels. Example, LOT: Gen 19. God also promised us in ps 91.

But we should also bring to mind that just because we have guardian angels does not mean that we should misuse them. What i mean is that, we should not do unnecessary things like going out in the dead of the night just because you want to and then when you enter into trouble, you start calling on them to save you. It does not work like that. We need to be wise in what we do and where we go.

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