Hey friends!!!!

How was your week?. I hope it was fine.

How is the new year turning out for you?.

For the past weeks, maybe you have been stranded in a situation you can’t get out from. Maybe you borrowed money from someone and you can’t pay back or you took a loan from the bank and then the job you have doesn’t give you the cut.

Or maybe you feel left alone in a situation that you need answers to or you need to get out of a hole you are in. Trust me, i know how you feel. You might feel lost, forsaken or forgotten. No one has forgotten you. Apparently, i know someone you could talk to. There have been many times that I have felt alone. Like i felt that things weren’t working out well for me, that i was in that deep hole for too long and i needed a way out.

When you cried for help, No one came to your rescue. Some Situations make you feel that way. Trust me i know.

I had to talk to this person. This person gave me a meaning to my life. I thought my life wasn’t going the way i thought. But after someone told me about the person, i decided to talk to him. Apparently, i could not see the person physically. But the person that told me about him said, “just speak, he will hear you and he will talk to you when you are done talking”. That sounded strange in my ear. I was like how do you expect me to talk to someone i can’t see. So, i decided to try it, that night i laid down in my bed and spoke to him about what i was going through. That moment in my life i was going through depression. Talking to that invisible person took a turn in my life. I cried my eyes out that night, told him of the things i was going through emotionally, financially.

After that moment, i felt relief. It felt like all the pressure was gone. Then later, he spoke to me and told me some things that i should do as a person. Immediately, my financial status changed and i was emotionally better. It felt like this guy lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders. My life changed at that moment.

So, when things get rough for me or I’m stressed, i lay on my bed and talk to him. Then, he tells me what to do. I always have peace. I always get out off that deep hole i am stranded in. my life easier with him in it. Sometimes, human beings can’t get you out of that situation. But, this person can.

Now, i feel my life is going well for me.

If you want to know more about this person. Email me and i will tell you about him.

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