Sometimes you get angry at someone, jealous at someone’s relationship because they hurt you. There have been times where you felt close to someone where you thought that something was going to happen between you and that person because of the way the person behaved around you, then that person was actually interested in another person or someone likes you or told you how beautiful or handsome you are and you fell for it without thoroughly thinking about whether this person is right for you or not, then something happens, and it got you suprised that he or she could do that to you.

Always think things through before jumping into conclusions so that you don’t get your heart broken or get jealous when it’s not necessary. There is always a Mr Right or Mrs Right for every single person. What you need to do is pray for yourself and that person. What do you want to see in your dream man or dream woman?

First, write it in your journal and pray. Tell God what you want in your dream man or dream woman. You don’t know if your dream man or dream woman is doing the same for you.

Secondly, pray for yourself. Ask God to give you the qualities that will help you and your dream man or woman have a successful marriage or relationship.

And also develop your relationship with God which is most important.

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