Hey friends, so this month i decided to talk about what has been bothering my mind for the past few weeks and also talk about what i have been seeing all over the world. I want to talk about the true definition of love. What does love mean to you?

The first thing i will talk about is equality. All men and women were created equally, given the same role. Everyone is equal and unique. Because she is a woman does not mean she is not important as you. We need to restructure our thinking as human beings. Nowadays, women are discriminated at their places of work, at their homes, communities, etc. Being a woman is a good thing. Do not say otherwise.

The second thing i would discuss is race. Being black, does not mean he or she is a gangster or a drug dealer. It’s just our mindset that makes us think like that. In the US and other affected countries, we see the white police officers manhandle the black community, anytime they see a black person, they think it means trouble. For the world to be better, we need to be compassionate, loving and merciful. If one does not have these qualities, then it just makes you part of those that wants to make the world more worse than it is. Love is the only thing that makes the world better. If a man for example changes who he is, does not mean that everyone should ridicule him. This is where that compassionate personality comes in. Show him love. Do not bring him down because he changed everything about himself from his looks to what he wears. Let him know you care. This is how you help someone in need. Helping someone or showing love is not just about giving money or material things, it’s about being compassionate and loving.

Just because the person is gay or a lesbian does not mean that you should ridicule him or her. All you have to do is show love. As a human being, your creator which is God has given you the ability to love because God is love and whoever believes in God believes in love. As God is compassionate and merciful and loving, be the same. With this manner, the world becomes better and a much happier place to live in.

Thanks for reading, I’m sure you have something you want to say. Please drop your comments at the comment section. God bless.

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